Germany offers major advantages to localize your business

Made in Germany

World’s best quality perception and implementation strongly supported by first class infrastructure and innovation power


Germany has proven itself during all major crisis as the most stable as well as most reliable economy and business ecosystem in the world.

Financial resources and Incentives

Germany offers strong financial resources and major incentives to any size and type of local companies that seed, expand or internationalise their activities.

Residence & Work Permit

Germany grants residence and work permit to the founders of german companies that easens business interactions across Europe and beyond.

Company Forms

Germany offers wide range of company legal forms. Limited Liability Company (GmbH) is the mostly chosen model due to its advantages as well as flexibility. There are four major forms of corporations under German law:

Limited Liability Company (GmbH)

Limited Liability Entrepreneurial Company (“Mini GmbH”)

Stock Corporation (AG)

Partnership Limited by Shares (KGaA)

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    New Company Establishment Per Year
    Gross Domestic Product (USD)

    Establishment and Taxation of the Corporations

    As per the form of the corporation, the number of partners and minimum share capital is different. The share capital can be contributed in cash, real estate or patents. The establishment must be specified in the articles of association and certified by a notary. Additional establishment steps are necessary for certain forms of corporations.
    Germany has a transparent tax system for the corporations, corporate income tax, trade tax and solidarity surcharge. At federal level, each state has varying tax levels between %23 to %30.